How many times do you find some James Bond website that features little more than a list of the films (as if you didn't know them already), and an under construction section that will never be completed because the site hasn't been updated for years?
Rather than insult your intelligence by telling you who the six 007 actors are (we'll assume you'll know), we will keep our page updated with random thoughts and musings on James Bond past and present. Articles, reviews and general thoughts on anything that pops into our heads, including all the latest developments. 



The Television Films of Roger Moore

Timothy Dalton - Becoming Bond

Children of Bond - X-Men: First Class

No Time to Die - The Release

Moore Not Less - Diane, The Miracle, The Sins of Rachel Cade

Children of Bond - Rumble in the Bronx

No Time to Die - The Aftermath

The Production of Licence To Kill

Children of Bond - Kingsman: The Secret Service

Moore Not Less - Sunday Lovers

James Bond Retro Games

Children of Bond - The Bourne Identity

A Reappraisal of ‘Die Another Day’

No Time To Die - The Waiting Game Again

'GoldenEye 007’: James Bond’s Golden Game Turns 25

Children of Bond - Cliffhanger

More Amazing James Bond Facts

The Spy Who Loved Me - Amiga game review

Moore Not Less - Curse of the Pink Panther & Bullseye!

Waiting in the Wings During the Roger Moore Years - Billington versus Warbeck

Casino Royale - Audio Book Review

Licence To Kill - The Reception

Luke Quantrill reviews No Time To Die

No Time To Die review

Children of Bond - The Dirty Harry Series

Timothy Dalton's Bond 17

No Time To Die - The Production Begins

The Living Daylights & Licence To Kill - C64 Games

Children of Bond - Doctor Who's Spyfall

The Cult Films of Christopher Lee

Moore Not Less - Gold of the Seven Saints

Danny Boyle's Bond 25

Children of Bond - Police Story

OO7 50 Greatest Bond Cars

Sir Sean Connery 1930 – 2020

Moore Not Less - The Naked Face

RIP Diana Rigg & Honor Blackman

Moonraker - Audio Book Review

James Bond 007 - Hammerhead

No Time To Die - A Vague Attempt at an Update

Children of Bond - The Beast Must Die

Moore Not Less - The Cannonball Run

To Catch a Thief - The Prototype James Bond Film?

Billie Eilish - No Time To Die

Amazing James Bond Trivia

Moore Not Less - Fire, Ice and Dynamite

Luke Quantrill reviews the No Time to Die Teaser Trailer

Children of Bond - Biggles: Adventures in Time

Moore Not Less - Crossplot

From Russia with Love - Audio Book Review

Angels & Demons - Raymond Chandler's Playback

Moore Not Less - That Lucky Touch

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Audio Book Review

The James Bond Connections of Game of Death

Children of Bond - Danger Route

Goldfinger - Audio Book Review

Moore Not Less - Shout at the Devil

The Long Goodbye

The Men Who Could Have Been Bond (Reloaded) - Part 4

Octopussy and The Living Daylights - Audio Book Review

Moore Not Less - Street People

Lewis Gilbert 1920-2018

Raymond Chandler's The Little Sister

The Men Who Could Have Been Bond (Reloaded) - Part 3

Moore Not Less - Gold

Indiana Jones - The Further Adventures Vol 1

The Men Who Could Have Been Bond (Reloaded) - Part 2

Nemo: Heart of Ice

The Men Who Could Have Been Bond (Reloaded) - Part 1

Moore Not Less - Bed & Breakfast

Sir Roger Moore 1927 - 2017

Children of Bond - Die Hard 2

Secret Story of Britain's Greatest Spymaster

Live and Let Die - Audio Book Review

Meet Daniel Craig and Take Home an Aston Martin

The James Bond Omnibus Volume 002

The Punisher 50#

Young Sherlock Holmes - Death Cloud

Who Will Be the Next James Bond?

Moore Not Less - The Quest

Carpathian Eagle - Pierce Brosnan in Hammer House of Horror

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 1969

Movies Vs Games: Shoor'em Ups

Pulp Noir - Raymond Chandler's The High Window & The Lady in the Lake

Werewolf Concerto - Timothy Dalton in Tales from the Crypt

Secret Agent - The James Bond Story

The Spy Who Loved Me - Audio Book

Guy Hamilton 1922-2016

What Made Thunderbirds Go!: The Authorised Biography of Gerry Anderson

Moore Not Less - Escape to Athena

Richard Kiel & Barry Nelson in The Twilight Zone

Children of Bond - Jake Speed

When the Snow Melts

Sir Ken Adam 1921-2016

Batman vs Superman - Battle of the Bedrooms

Children of Bond - Sherlock Holmes

The Product Placement Oscars

Moore Not Less - The Sea Wolves

Cushing! Lee! Munro! Neame! - Dracula A.D. 1972!

When Asterix met James Bond

Moore Not Less - North Sea Hijack

Barbarella - Jane Bond?

Moore Not Less - The Wild Geese

The Art of Gambling

Spectre - Another Review

Luke Quantrill reviews Spectre

The Watches of Bond

Spectre - A Review

The Eighties Bondathon

Carry On Spying

Sam Smith - Writing's On the Wall

Children of Bond - Escape from New York

Silicon Valley - A View To A Kill soundtrack review

Daniel Craig: The Nightmare Employee

Sir Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

Farewell, My Lovely

Children of Bond - The Phantom

Diana Rigg: The Biography

The Spirit of Pulp - Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep

The Seventies Bondathon

Hammer Glamour

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910

Never Say Never Again

Flash Gordon - Timothy Dalton's Finest Hour?

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol II


Battle At Piz Gloria - On Her Majesty's Secret Service soundtrack review

Michael Praed Was (Almost) James Bond

Richard Kiel 1939-2014

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume One

Stellar Clashes Beyond the Third Dimension - Luke Quantrill reviews Starcrash!

Goldfinger Soundtrack Review

James Bond: World War Z

Shadows of Spectre - From Russia With Love soundtrack review

Pierce Brosnan's Career Reboot - Back in Action

Golden Years - Themeology: The Best of John Barry

Alternative 007's Next Bond Poll Result

The History of the Illustrated 007

What's Up, Tiger Lily?

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009

The Avengers: A Celebration: 50 Years of a Television Classic

Luke Quantrill Remembers Skyfall

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier

Children of Bond - Enter the Dragon

Space March - Moonraker soundtrack review

The Ice Pirates - By Royal Command reviewed

5 Unorthodox Choices For 007 After Daniel Craig

The Making of The Living Daylights

La Avenida de la Muerte - Hurricane Gold review

Pierce Brosnan Loses Daughter Charlotte

The Man with the Golden Gun Soundtrack review

Double or Die review

Children of Bond - Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous

James Bond Soundtracks - The Timothy Dalton Years

The Danger Society - Blood Fever review

The Life Aquatic - The Spy Who Loved Me Soundtrack review

The Sargasso Sea - SilverFin review

Skyfall Reviewed

Skyfall by Adele

Casino Royale's Poker Game Analysis

Children of Bond - The Indiana Jones Series

The Scent of Danger! - Polestar reviewed

Luke Quantrill's James Bond Toy Box Part 2!

The James Bond Omnibus Vol.1

Blockbuster Wars: Everybody Does It Better Than James Bond

Jake reviews the Skyfall Teaser Trailer

Shattered Helix

The Best of Bond... James Bond

Luke Quantrill's James Bond Toy Box!

The Paradise Plot and The Golden Ghost Review

Dame Judi Misses Brosnan

James Bond Gadgets DVD Review


Bond Biographies! - Lewis Gilbert & John Glen

The Big Blue! - A Look Back At Thunderball

James Bond: The Authorised Biography Audio CD Review

A Tale of Two Modern British Heroes

The Man Who Could Have Been Bond - By Robert

Roger Moore: His Films and Career

Sean Connery: The Measure of a Man

Diamonds Are Forever and Dr No Audio Book Review

Barbara Broccoli Saves The World! - by Luke Quantrill

The Girl Machine

James Bond: The Legacy

The Art of Bond

The Joker Vs James Bond 007

John Barry 1933 - 2011

James Bond 23

Spearguns and Sharks - The Battle for Bond

The Spy Who Loved Me & Octopussy Graphic Novels

The Making Of On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Serpent's Tooth Review

Bond Girls are Forever

Children of Bond: Jason King and The Prisoner

Daniel Craig IS Pierce Brosnan

The Phoenix Project

John Gardner's Win, Lose or Die

My Word Is My Bond

Mike Grell's Permission To Die

Sherlock Bond

Is Bond 23 Cursed? - by Luke Quantrill

Death Wing Review

John Gardner's Nobody Lives Forever

Tom Mankiewicz 1942 - 2010

Shark Bait Review

The Slingshot Syndrome - John Gardner's Licence Renewed

The Essential Bond Reviewed

Bond Theme Musings

Ian Fleming's Octopussy and The Living Daylights

The Art of the Reboot - Batman, Star Trek, Bond

Potter Eclipses Bond

Random Observations

From Russia With Love Review

Spectreville - Ian Fleming's Diamonds Are Forever

The Incredible World of 007 - Reviewed by Jake

Pierce Brosnan, Always Relevant - by Alec 006

Bond 23 Suspended

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - The Bond Files

Risico - Ian Fleming's For Your Eyes Only

Pierce Brosnan - Action Hero

Dynamite From Nightmare Land - Ian Fleming's The Spy Who Loved Me

Lewis Collins Was Not James Bond - Who Dares Wins Review

The Beautiful Lure - Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love

The Ipcress File - The Bureaucratic Bond

In A Glass, Very  Darkly - Ian Fleming's The Man With The Golden Gun

Our Man Flint - The American Bond

Martin Grace 1942 - 2010

RISE OF THE EMPIRE - Pierce Brosnan WAS James Bond

The Quantum of Solace Freefall Sequence - An Analysis by Luke Quantrill

Impossible Mission - Ian Fleming's You Only Live Twice

The Rocketeer - Timothy Dalton's Finest Hour?

The Elegant Venus - Ian Fleming's Doctor No

Live and Let Die - Roger Moore's James Bond Diary

This Charming Man - The Life and Times of Ian Fleming

Alex O' Loughlin and Opening the Book on Bond, James Bond 

Quantum of Solace Review - by Alec 006

The Man Who Haunted Himself - Roger Moore's Finest Hour?

The Dragon's Claws - Colonel Sun Reviewed

He disagreed with something that ate him - Ian Fleming's Live and Let Die

Zena Marshall (1925-2009)

Reflections in a Double Bourbon - Ian Fleming's Goldfinger

Death For Breakfast - Ian Fleming's On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Peter Morgan to write Bond 23

Casino Royale 1967 Review

The Shadower - Ian Fleming's Thunderball

North By Northwest - The First James Bond Film?

Next James Bond Poll Update

Dr No Review - by Jake

BFI to celebrate James Bond producer

Ken Baxter's Battle For Bond

You Only Live Twice review - by Jake

Octopussy review - by Luke Quantrill

For Your Eyes Only  review - by Jake

Luke Quantrill Reviews Quantum Of Solace

Quantum of Solace review - by Jake

Tomorrow Never Dies review - by Jake

"Another Way To Die" review - by Jake

"Was Vanilla Ice unavailable?" - Luke Quantrill reviews 'Another Way To Die'

J'ai une grenouille dans mon bidet! - Luke Quantrill reviews the Quantum Of Solace trailer

He's back - Diamonds Are Forever reviewed

The Emperor Has No Clothes! - Bond Out Of Style - By Brandon

"She must take a lot of vitamins!" - A View To A Kill reviewed

Alicia Keys and Jack White to sing Quantum of Solace theme

Quantum Of Solace Teaser Trailer Review - By Alec '006'

Quantum Of Solace Teaser Trailer Review - By Luke Quantrill

The Man Who Was Only A Silhouette - Ian Fleming's Moonraker

My Love/Hate Relationship With Casino Royale - by Alec '006'

Happy Birthday Ian Fleming

James Bond and the Alpha Male by - Brandon

The Man With The Golden Gun Review - by Jake

Everything he touches turns to excitement! - Goldfinger Reviewed

GoldenEye Review - by Jake

Ten People Who should Have Been In A James Bond Film  - by Luke Quantrill

Shaken And Stirred: The David Arnold James Bond Project Reviewed

Casino Royale Book Review

"Do I look like I give a damn?" - Jake reviews Casino Royale

Quantum Of Solace

Licence To Kill Review

Ken Baxter Is James Bond

The Spy Who Loved Me Review by Jake

Alternative James Bonds - Decade By Decade chosen by Luke Quantrill

The World Is Not Enough Review

Lois Maxwell 1927 - 2007

On Her Majesty's Secret Service Review

John Gardner 1926-2007

Outside Bond

Warhead 2000 - The Lost Bond Film

Ian Fleming's Casino Royale - A  Review

Marc Forster to direct Bond 22

007 Reasons Why Moore Is Not Less

Die Another Day review by Luke Quantrill

It's Official: Sean Connery is the best James bond ever!

Mildly Unconventional James Bond Views

More Overrated and Underrated

Batman next Bond? by Daniel Cervoni

Has James Bond lost his sense of humour?

Perrin Spychala

Daniel Craig Is John Rambo, I  Mean James Bond by Skywalker

Alternative007's Top Five James Bond Films

Moonraker review by Luke Quantrill

It's official: George Lazenby is the best James Bond ever!

Barry Nelson: 1920-2007

Nobody Does It Better?

Greg Haugen is Unshaken and Unstirred

The Living Daylights Review

The Men Who Could Have Been Bond

Why Didn't The Butler Do It?

Overrated and underrated 

Thunderball review

Tales From The Darkside IV

Campbell rules out Bond 22

Live and Let Die review

Casino Royale review by Tiff

The Sam With The Golden Gun

James Bond and grub

Beefcake: A Very British Sex Symbol

Casino Royale Review by David Miller

Yet More Tales From The Darkside

Recasting Casino Royale

Kevin McClory 1926-2006

More Tales From The Darkside

Robert Fossil reviews Casino Royale

Tales From The Darkside

Butler leading next Bond poll

Casino Royale review

Sherlock Holmes and James Bond

A Review of Licence To Kill

Clive Robertson In Space

Casino Royale Poster

Twenty reasons why Timothy Dalton was a great James Bond

Artistic Vandalism

Craig Who??? 

Clive Owen is James Bond

Review "You Know My Name"

Daniel Craig  2006-2026

How The Saint Saved Bond

Greg Haugen reviews the Casino Royale theatrical tralier

Luke Quantrill reviews the Casino Royale theatrical tralier

Bond 22 is delayed

Pierce Brosnan 1995-2002

Sean Pertwee is not James Bond

Roger Mitchell not Bonding

EXCLUSIVE! An Interview With Daniel Craig  

A Look At Never Say Never Again  

Chris Cornwell to perform Casino Royale theme

Craig's Poker Face

"Bond 22"  

Bond Fans At War

Jason Bourne, James Bond and Daniel Craig 

In Praise of George Lazenby

The Casino Royale teaser trailer

Was Die Another Day really that bad?

A  look at the Casino Royale teaser artwork.

Is Daniel Craig Timothy Dalton mk II? 

Kevin McClory, part 37

The Casting Of Craig

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